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Cymbal Monkey

Need your alerts noticed? How about a crash of cymbals followed by the insistent screeching of an agitated ape? Make an incomparable wireless alarm by triggering a clamorous cymbal monkey via XBee radio.

7-segment Number Display

With a simple 7-segment numeric display you can show how many, how much, which one or when with precision. It’s a snap to display numbers wirelessly with an XBee radio.

Wireless Control of AC Devices

Wirelessly control high voltage AC devices with an XBee 802.15.4 connected to a PowerSwitch Tail relay.

Joystick with XBee

Let’s get physical! Join this joystick to your XBee radio for a terrific way to add movement to your project, sending all kinds of things in different directions.

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This site shows how to wirelessly connect sensors, outputs, motors, lights and Internet to XBee radios and other Digi International® products. If there's an example you'd like to see or if you would like to share something you've created, let us know!

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