Joystick with XBee

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Assemble the Parts
  3. Configure the Radio
  4. Wire up the Circuit
  5. Use it!

1) Introduction

Let’s get physical! Join this joystick to your XBee radio for a terrific way to add movement to your project, sending all kinds of things in different directions.

Achieve full wireless control of  household robots, industrial equipment, safety cameras…even stratosphere-seeking weather balloons. Set about inventing a new class of cat toys or create a new way to interact with museum exhibits. Maybe you’d like to make an interactive lawn sprinkler that waters your name in the grass? Here’s a terrific way to control it! This tutorial walks you through the easy way to connect a joystick to your XBee. Create a wonderful wireless controller and drive your dreams!

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