LCD Text Display

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5) Use it!

Now that you know how to connect an LCD to the serial output of an XBee radio, take a look at our chat example for an easy way to send text from your computer.

For plain text, just send the text itself. Whatever you type will be displayed on the LCD screen. To control the LCD output you can send control codes as well. For example, from CoolTerm use Send String in hex mode. FF 01 will clear the display. Reference the serial backpack data sheet to see all the control codes. Use the same methods to send output via Serial.print() from a microcontroller like the Arduino; just be sure that the the transmitter’s destination address is set to the MY address of the receiver. Want to see some real power? Push your text from any server or device on the Internet using the XBee Internet Gateway‘s remote text sending feature. The video above shows both CoolTerm on a local computer and iDigi POSTing from the Internet.

Create a Twitter display for your office door, prototype a quiz game toy that teaches math or add interactive instructions to your automated greenhouse watering system. This LCD is a great way to make the things you make talk to people!


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