LED Example: XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit

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3) Configure the Radio

You’ll configure the radio using your free Device Cloud account. (Note that radios can also be configured using XCTU.)

NOTE: If your radio was recently configured by the XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit then the sampling rate and pin settings are already set. You can safely skip these steps.

  • Log in to Device Cloud
  • Select Devices under the Device Management tab
  • Select the XBee Zigbee radio that you are configuring, then select Properties or double-click to open the Properties window for that device
  • Select Configurations, then Input and Output Settings, then confirm that DIO4/SPI_MOSI is set to Output Low
  • On the same page, confirm that Sample Rate is set to 5000 ms which will take a sample every five seconds
  • Save your changes!

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