LED Example: XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit

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4) Wire up the Circuit

You will build this sensor circuit using the XBee Development Board.

  • Plug the 270 ohm resistor into the breadboard as shown. It will limit the current flowing to the LED.
    • Connect one end of a yellow (or any other color) jumper wire to the same breadboard row as one end of this resistor. Connect the other end of this wire to the XBee’s DIO4 pin.
  • Plug in the LED so that its long leg (+) connects to the same junction row as the open leg of the resistor. The shorter leg (-) goes into another unused row. (Note: an LED has polarity, meaning that its orientation matters! If you put it into this circuit backwards it will not light up.)
    • Connect a black jumper wire from the short leg of the LED to ground (GND) as shown.
      photo 1 (1)
  • set the DIP switch for DIO4 on the PCB to OFF to disconnect the soldered-on component.
    photo 2 (2)
  • Here’s what everything should look like:

xbee-wifi-led-breadboard xbee-wifi-led-circuit

photo 2 (3)

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