LED Example: XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit

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5) View It!

You will use the XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit’s web application to configure a widget for viewing the light readings from your sensor.

Log in to the XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit web application: https://xbeegateway.herokuapp.com/#/login

  • Gateway home
  • Use the Add Widget button to create a new display widget
  • Choose On/Off Switch Widget for the widget type.
  • Add a label such as “LED
  • Choose your XBee Wi-Fi device by its ID.
  • Select DIO4 as the input stream and check the device configuration to make sure it is configured properly.
  • Make sure the Invert Values checkbox is unchecked because in this circuit ON maps normally to high output.
  • Make sure that Read Only also remains unchecked. We’re going to use this switch as an input from the web.
    Cloud Kit LED
  • Save the changes to see your new Widget.

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