Push Button Example: XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit

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4) Wire up the Circuit

You will build this sensor circuit using the XBee Development Board.

  • Plug the 10K ohm resistor into the breadboard as shown. It acts as a “pull-down” resistor so that when the switch is open, the XBee’s input is pulled all the way low.
    • Connect a black jumper wire from one end of the resistor to GND.
    • Connect one end of a yellow (or any other color) jumper wire to  the other end of this resistor. Connect the other end of this yellow wire to the XBee’s DIO4 pin.
  • Plug in the switch across the trough in the middle of the breadboard as shown. One leg should will go into the same junction row where the resistor and the yellow wire meet.
    • Connect a red jumper wire from the other leg of the switch to 3.3V power.
      push 1
  • set the DIP switch for DIO4 on the PCB to OFF to disconnect the soldered-on component.
    photo 2 (2)
  • Here’s what everything should look like:




push 2

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