Push Button Example: XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit

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5) View It!

You will use the XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit’s web application to configure a widget for viewing the push button’s state from the web.

  • Log in to the XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit web application:     https://xbeewifi.herokuapp.com/#/login
    Gateway home
  • Use the Add Widget button to create a new display widget
  • Choose On/Off Switch Widget for the widget type.
  • Add a label such as “Push Button
  • Choose your XBee Zigbee device by its ID.
  • Do the next two steps in the order listed:
    1. First, check the Read Only checkbox. We’re going to use this widget as an output only.
    2. After the Read Only checkbox is checked, select DIO4 as the Output Stream then check the device configuration to make sure it is configured as a Digital Output.
  • Make sure the Invert Values checkbox is unchecked because in this circuit high output will map normally to ON.
    Cloud Kit Push
  • Save the changes to see your new Widget.

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